Below is a full list of released work by the Big Up Jazz/Redraw crew. Some of this work has been deleted and is now difficult to find. The product that is still available can be purchased from the on-line store.
  Title Artist Catalogue No:  
'The Only Real Music' 'Big Up Jazz' Cut Up CD 001
Jumpcut Records
'Big Up Jazz Vol 2'-The Attitude. 'Big Up Jazz' Cut Up Cd 007
'Jazz and Go' Compilation Album 519 499-2
ARS Records(Belgiun)
'Dancin Jazz 2' Compilation Album 74321-17616-2
'Walk Spirit,Talk Spirit' 'The Redraw Collective' Cut Up CD 012
'In The Zone' 'Emmett North Jnr and the Gallery Of Groove' Cut up Cd 011
Jumpcut Records
'Infectious' 'Cowfathorsedead'  
'Cilantro' 'Big up Jazz'  
'Swings and Roundabouts' 'Big Up Jazz'  
'Street Jazz Vol 3' Compilation Album CD TEP 07
'Street Jazz' Compilation Album C@S 515-2
'Jazz And Go vol 2' Compilation Album 740 027-2
ARS Records(Belgiun)
'Jazz and Go Vol 3' Compilation Album 740-125-2
ARS Records(Belgiun)
'Jazz and Go Vol 4' Compilation Album 740-242-2
ARS Records(Belgiun)

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