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Big Up Jazz was formed in 1993 by two producer/musicians who were looking for an interesting way to be creative with the then, relatively new, technology that was available. Armed with a state of the art Atari 1040 and a Cheetah SX16 sampler they set about creating some new music from the piles of vinyl that lay scattered about the floor of their East End Flat.

Encouraged enormously by the the late Andy Sojka of Atmosfear fame, they put together their debut release for the Jump Cut record label. Entitled 'The Only Real Music' it used, for its inspiration on the title track, a quote from jazz organ legend Jimmy Smith. The spartan recording facilites available precluded the use of any real- time musicial contribution,and therefore the plundered sampleography remained the core of the project.


The first album proved to be popular with a public that was already interested in new wave jazz via the Acid jazz label.Various tracks from the album were licensed throughout Europe and on to Japan.

The tracks recorded on an ironing board in Forest Gate were nestling quite happily with the likes of the Brecker Bros, Ronny Jordan, Galliano and Candy Dulfer.

With the success of the first album the quality of the recording scenario improved, albeit only slightly. With this, live instruments and vocals could now happily interact with the sampled soundscape. The core musicians of Dave Stevens(Keyboards) and Neil Pyzer(Saxophones) now enlisted the help of Real musicians: Graham Cuttill (Drums)Roberto Pla(Percussion)Paul Higgs(Piano and Trumpet)Winston Blissett(Bass)Adrian Large(Guitars)and Beverley Skeete(Vocals).The Result Was: "BIG UP JAZZ Vol 2-The Attitude."


Jazz Fm picked up on the title track of the album , with Peter Young giving it a good deal of prime airplay.The track 'In the Groove' featuring Beverley Skeete on vocals was noticed by DJ Chilfreez from New York and licenced for his "StreetJazz" compilation Album. (Also on this compilation 'The Solsonics', 'Gang Starr''The Young Disciples' and 'Tribeca Sound'.)

During the recording of this album they encountered a guitar Player named Emmett North Junior from Dayton ,Ohio.Emmett had been Barry White's guitar Player for 10 years and before that had worked with Issac Hayes and The Ohio Players.The Redraw Production team decided that it would be a fun project to make an album with Emmett to showcase his unique Wah-Wah style.The result was "In The Zone" by Emmett North Junior and the Gallery of Groove.


The Redraw collective Album was a way of allowing all the musicians who had contributed to redraw productions to have a platform for their own ideas. Many talented musicians were able showcase their writing abilities as well as their performing talents.The title of the album was taken from a McCoy Tyner tune and Big Up Jazz provide a stirring cover of that tune here.

Serpico Rising was a project that had the smooth Marvin Gaye tones of Roy Hamilton over smoky Funk grooves.

Dr Largestuff was a More Reflective groove with Jangling guitars creating moody soundscapes.

Skindaddy showcased the writing abilities of Ace drum wizard Graham Cuttill and Pianist Paul Higgs.

The Biscuit Men was a vehicle for groovy guitarist Rob Harris (currently With Jamiroquai )


The Project culminated in a performance at the Jazz Cafe, Camden Town, London at which all the artistes performed.

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